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  • Last Chance! Moroccan Art Show!

    Last Chance! Moroccan Art Show!

    Haven’t been by First Street Gallery & Custom Framing in Encinitas to explore my “Before, During & After” Exhibit? Well, what are you waiting for? I put together this show to celebrate the culmination of my year-long journey following my artist residency in Morocco. Each piece reflects a special part of my journey, and are deeply influenced by the […]
  • Before, During & After—An Opening

    Before, During & After—An Opening

    How amazing it is to be surrounded by friends, fellow artists and new acquaintances… Last week was the opening of my show “Before, During & After” at First Street Gallery & Custom Framing in Encinitas… and boy did we have a great time! It was so fun getting to celebrate the completion of my journey in […]
  • Creativity Heals

    I saw this headline in an email this week. It stopped me in my tracks. “Creativity Heals. Creativity is a most precious gift.” Yes, indeed. Let’s face it, we might have amazing lives, and be happy most of the time or at least satisfied or content. But there is always a little icky stuff, no […]
  • Paying it Forward!

    While at Art Camp last summer, I became friends with Marsha. Everyone LOVES Marsha, so it was easy to fall in love with her and her zest for life. She has been going to Camp De Benneville for many, many years, and is so well acquainted with the forest that she lead nature walks in […]
  • Hidden Secrets and Messages

    Hidden Secrets and Messages

    My mom could read cards, as could her sisters. Mom was intuitive and in touch with the other realms. Her oldest sister, Annette, was so good at readings that we would clamor around her, begging for insights. She was discerning, and never told of anything negative, trusting that if she didn’t tell of those things, it […]
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