Mixed Bag Coming Soon

The life of a “visual creative” seems expected to me, having always lived my life this way. We creatives, have certain tendencies which make us comfortable with one another. We feel at home in each other’s living space, generally filled with hand-made things, walls covered in art and bric-a-brac collected from our travels. We love books, and the more the better. We like to travel. Are curious. We attend art shows, listen to obscure music and love “art-house” films. We need to be fed on every level and we have the ability to endlessly discuss our art process, challenges and discoveries. It’s important to commune together, in order to feel the warmth of common mind.

All the quirks of our “creative common mind” is what makes us uncommon to others. We see things other don’t, the beauty in chipped, broken and patinated things. We make things, paint things, print things, build things and offer it to the world. Our communication is expressed through the process of “art-making”.  The audience is free to feel any reaction towards the creation, including no reaction at all.

Our process is what feeds. Not to say, that having others react in a positive way doesn’t feed our ego. It does. We are humans in need of love and connection, but the true gift that we receive is from the “making”, the “creating”, the “construction”. The art-making process is also a process of self discovery. And maybe, this is why we like to be with other creative people. Curious to understand what they might have discovered.

So in the coming posts I will be posting things that inspire the creative juices. In the mixed bag will be documentaries, books, processes and fun tidbits, all “creative”, and possibly inspire others.

The photo is of a new technique I discovered this weekend… pages from old National Geographic magazines, if you can believe it.

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