Art Journaling with Orly Avineri

Over the past several months, I’ve been learning about and experimenting with art journaling. My teacher Pnina Gold recently urged me to sign-up for a two-day workshop with Art Journaler extraordinaire Orly Avineri to expand my technique and perspective. Twelve of us, including Orly, attended the workshop, which took place this past weekend at the beautiful home of Tena Navarrete in Del Mar.

I love the deep process of art journaling. It’s a sacred process for me — one that heals my soul and stimulates my muse, so I was grateful that Orly managed to get us to that sacred space and keep us in that delicious place throughout the weekend.

She introduced us to several techniques and explained different ways to make the story of the spread cohesive and continuous. For two fun-filled days, we worked with poetry, concepts of transportation, art supplies, merging our own painted pages with those of other participants, coming in close, stepping back, facing fear and weaving our story. It was great!

I’ve included her schedule in the slideshow above or you can checkout her site to see if there’s a class near you… Or you can even make up an excuse to take an art minication!

If you’d like to talk about my experience just send me an email. I’d love to hear from you.

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