Hidden Secrets and Messages

My mom could read cards, as could her sisters. Mom was intuitive and in touch with the other realms. Her oldest sister, Annette, was so good at readings that we would clamor around her, begging for insights. She was discerning, and never told of anything negative, trusting that if she didn’t tell of those things, it had less chance of happening… especially for those who put great stock in what she foretold.

My sisters and niece all read cards as well. Personally, reading cards never appealed to me, but my intuition has always been very acute. I have an uncanny ability to be able to see certain things with certain people easily.

One area where my intuition is particularly strong is teaching art journaling. Maybe because of the spontaneous, intuitive nature of the making of journal pages, my wisdom seems to get deeper.

I just started a 4-week class at Art Lounge in Encinitas. We had our first class the other night. The theme was to look at one’s life where tragedy, disaster, chaos, destruction or disappointment occurred, then built our page with the understanding that out of this crumbling, something new would be born or reconstructed. In the letting go, amazing energy would replace the darkness.

Pictured here is my spread. The two goats represent the weight of two major pulls in my life, and how heavy they’ve become. Although one figure is smiling, the other looks on with dread surrounded by darkness and cloudiness. I long for integration and a weight light enough to bear…


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