Lightning Fast & Letting Go

There is no easy way to describe the process of Gelli printing… Yes, there are the textbook mechanics of what goes into creating a monotype print. You can look up this aspect in a book or watch a YouTube video. But to truly understand what goes into Gelli printing, you must experience it for yourself.

As you layer design element upon design element, moving quickly from one piece of paper to the next, and circling back again, you start to let go. To lose yourself. Your preconceived ideas of what you set out to create disappear. The mind loses control and the spirit, the muses, take over.

When you let your mind do the creating, the pieces often end up rigid and uninspired, whereas when you are willing to immerse your whole being, you can create extraordinary pieces that leave you breathless.

When I teach classes on Gelli printing, these are the concepts that I emphasize the most: move quickly from piece to piece, you will go back and add more later; and slow down your mind and let the creative spirit take charge. It’s always so fun at the end of class to see what everyone has done, and I often hear that the pieces they didn’t plan, but let naturally evolve over the course of the class, are the students favorites. Gelli printing is intended to be a fun practice where you can play with color and your fellow creators, and letting go allows this to take place.

If you’re interested in letting go and learning more about Gelli printing, be sure to check out one of my classes at Art Lounge. And check with me for the most up-to-date information.

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