Art as a spiritual process.

From a very young age, spiritual and intuitive matters have intrigued me and held my interest. I come from a family of “sensitive” women who were always telling fortunes and reading cards. My mom was extremely intuitive, read cards, and always had an uncanny way of “knowing” things.  She passed this “sensitivity” down to me. I consider myself, what Judith Orloff describes as an “Empath”. I sense energy, feel and know things for no apparent reason, and am extremely intuitive. I have trouble staying asleep due to such a rich “dream life”, and can pick up the pain my dog is experiencing.

Mostly this is a good thing. I have learned to adapt, not tell people what I am sensing, and stay out of large crowds, especially in the summer heat. I know how to listen and how to manage it.

This tool, this “sensitivity”, is very handy when creating. I use it as a way to process my inner self, a way to work through fear and misconceptions that might be holding me back, or in the way of happiness. I feel very fortunate. I have practiced deep inner work, in a spiritual/therapeutic setting, practiced yoga intensely, and now, I practice making art… all as a way to feed my soul and heal it.

This weekend, I had the opportunity to work with Laura Wait, who imparted a technique that was new to me. I now have a new tool to deepen my spiritual practice through art making with the written word. You can see it throughout this piece.

In the coming months I will be researching and reading all about this process. I will share what I learn with you.

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