Things take time!

Instant gratification… Who doesn’t love a little from time to time? I know I do, but things take time. Especially making art.

I am often shocked by how long it takes to make things! Then I remember that it’s in the making, the processing, the imagining that the pleasure occurs. Once I remember, I remind myself that it’s a good thing that making art takes time, as it allows me to drag the pleasure out a little longer. After all, isn’t that the point? Having fun for longer… “slow down,” I tell myself, “enjoy the process.”

These days, I am not only creating a slew of mixed media panels, but also, my new obsession (thanks to my friend Shelley Watkins) is making ephemera. I spent the entire weekend, collating, wrapping, boiling, separating, drying and moving pieces of paper!!! I ended up with so many beautiful scraps that I don’t want to use them and loose them forever so I have to make more… off to the studio I go!


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