Laura Wait in San Diego

Today was a glorious day in San Diego. Perfect weather and a perfectly good time… spent with fellow artists (12 of us total) taking a 2-day workshop with Laura Wait. I am really looking forward to completing the book project tomorrow… lots of ideas, new methods and approaches, which will surely show up in my upcoming projects. I will post the final project tomorrow.

The workshop was organized by SDBA. If you are interested in great workshops, I encourage you to sign up as they fill up fast!

Here’s the description of the Laura Wait class…

Books don’t always have to be viewed one page at a time. In this two-day workshop we will use long-stitch sewing to make books that can be read in your hand, hung on the wall, or viewed on a platform as free-standing sculpture. We will use wood, copper, and papers for the cover, which can be shaped as you like. Mixed-media painting will be used to develop the pages, which will be sewn to the wooden cover. You will develop handwriting to use as content and image in these illustrated manuscript books. You may use nonsense text, or any other text you wish to bring. Handwriting exercises, intuitive work practices, and the use of alternative tools for writing will complement and enhance your writing. Words and your own handwriting will become less scary! Besides the papers we develop in class, you may also bring your own art for the pages.

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