In the mood… for rain

Click here and listen… while you read this post.

The rain always signifies a fresh start to me, a clean slate. The sounds of the rain falling, gushing out the drains, splashing as cars drive by and the constant, steady drone of sleep inducing sound. The color; vibrant, intense, altered pigment of plants in the morning, the reflections of light at night or the softness by day through the veil of drops falling from the sky. And the after effects. The scent of a musty wet forest bed or the fresh spring morning, ready to face anything… and my favorite, rainy days providing me with a need to create, make and cut and print.

Suffering from drought, the driest winter in 150 years, it was welcome news. Rain in the forecast.

Personally, I was over the moon. And then the rain started as I was delivering artwork for my upcoming show, and it gave me pause. I felt it was a sign, and a really good one — especially as the rain continued throughout the night, providing a deep, restful, much needed sleep.

The show is up and looks wonderful. My work next to Greg’s… a synergistic union. We hope to see you there.

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