Scanning Artwork

Some days you just have to sit down and get it done!

A few weeks ago, I spent a good part of Saturday with my new BFF Deanna SCANNING! Yes, scanning. She has this great, super fast scanner. So we decided to put it to the test and scan 568 of my Gelli prints. The quality of the scans is “pretty good,” even though we scanned at 600 dpi. Speed is the benefit here, not quality. But that couldn’t matter less, because we got all of them done in just a few hours. What would have no doubt taken me days, only took an afternoon.

I am sure you are wondering why on earth would I want 568 scans. Who has that many Gelli prints? (Truth be told, that was only about a third of my prints. And yes I am back in the studio today making even more…)

I made all these scans so I could experiment. If I fall in love with one of the images and want to use it in final artwork, I will probably rescan on my art scanner. But now I feel free to go wild designing new products and experimenting… and that is FUN! It’s like a party over her, with so many cool images to choose from.

So now the question is, what should I make next? Hey Deanna, want to come by and make art together?

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