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  • Featured on Steller!

    Featured on Steller!

    Have you ever been to Idyllwild? Many folks I talk to in San Diego have not, despite the fact that this breathtaking town is only a short drive away. It’s one of my favorite spots in SoCal; I’ve been coming on and off for years now. If you follow me on social media, you may […]
  • Teaching others to play!

    Teaching others to play!

    High on a hill, overlooking the coastline of north county we gathered to share, learn and play. Since I cannot contain myself, I am now showing others what fun it can be to play, be spontaneous and see what happens. All in the name of Gelli printing. Eight attendees came to my first class… it […]
  • Pure Play

    Pure Play

    Letting go is the motto of the month. Not just “any” letting go, but specifically letting go of “making mistakes”. It is truly impossible to express oneself through art without the willingness to MAKE MISTAKES!!!! But I caught myself, and on more than one occasion, wanting to lay down a line of ink, or scribble […]
  • My New (Art) Website!

    My New (Art) Website!

    It’s Official!!! This is a huge step for me. Huge. Many have suggested that I should take this step, but I haven’t been ready… until now. So here it is. Living my dream of bringing my own art to the world. A few things to note. Art shown on this site is for The Chopra […]
  • Trying Out and Showing Off

    Come see Nancy’s new printmaking site!
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