Accomplishing just about anything!

Every few months I catch myself getting so distracted that I don’t get anything done — it’s being in the “zone”, only it’s the wrong one. This “distracted zone”, is insidious, addictive and numbing. My breathing is shallow and I cannot focus, read or create.

I remember the days of getting so much accomplished, which ensured deep sleep, a sense of accomplishment and feeling good about myself. Now, to achieve that state of well being, I have to remember to FOCUS, slow down and breath deeply. It’s a rewarding practice and like any practice, it takes courage and discipline.

So, this morning, I was happy to get a reminder from Alyson Stanfield reminding me once again, to focus, stay present and get things done.

If you read her article … check out the links in her post with additional tips on making this happen for you.

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