Kind words from fellow artist!

I wanted to post this message I recently received from a dear friend of mine in response to the news that I was selected for the Convergence Residency in Morocco.

Dan O’Neill is an old friend; we’ve known each other since we were kids in Canada and have been close friends since 1990. He teaches printmaking and drawing at NSCAD (Nova Scotia College of Art and Design). We have a rich history of memories, and loving and supporting one another’s artistic journeys. It doesn’t get much better than that… except when you get such a touching message and it cracks your heart open even more.

From Dan: 

This news is rather auspicious … It is also exciting to know that all your efforts, questions, meanderings and wanderlust across the last several years, has taken shape leading you to this residency.

Of course you should wear a fully revealed Wonderland Cheshire smile as you inform your colleagues and friends, and there is every reason to do so, as this one placement will inevitably open the meaning and quality of many answers to all the living questions you have been recording. As a result then, the residency is the light you have always been carrying. Self alighted, self illuminated, self as the only reliable source of future becoming.

Time and those waves of meaning and direction seemingly taking shape on your behalf, but also, the single and most important salient fact is that during review for this competition, you presented with luminosity and determination in your application, faring very well indeed into the final selection. There are so many avenues, corridors, paths on which to walk, and in this, all of your spiritual learning and ascending wisdom have also played well into the cosmological equations that now offer you an extended hand of welcome.  

Please be well, please fare well, please keep in touch.
Your Brother in arms, (and legs) 


Photo: Courtesy of Green Olive Arts

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