What’s driving you?

Recently I got to take a few art pieces out of storage, some of which I hadn’t seen in awhile. Seeing it now, old work sitting next to newer pieces, I was struck with a few thoughts…

1. My color palette is consistent, no matter what I do. I love color and use it freely.

2. Patterns, overlapping patterns and details of patterns continue to show up everywhere. And oddly reappear years later.

3. No matter what I do, or what medium I work in, the work always connects me to a certain moment in time, and is full of meaning for me.

4. I am an experimenter, and I love new things—new supplies, new techniques, new processes.

5. I am a knowledge sponge, so I love learning. And this is what keeps me going.

Each and every one of our actions is motivated by some deep internal and often unconscious motivation. For me, learning, discovery, curiosity and experimentation are major contributing factors, and a motivating force in my life. And this is especially true in the “creative expression” area. I am grateful to the art for making me this way, and grateful to share it.

What are you motivated by? What drives you?


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