Altering reality!

While in Morocco I did a lot of research… discovering new patterns, colors, textures and any visual inspiration I could find. These discoveries came wrapped in a whole new light as I explored them as an artist. During my stay, spending time with fellow art residents and being introduced to local artisans, artists, designers and crafts people… well let’s just say I was exploding with ideas.

In Morocco, I learned, nothing goes to waste. And so in the spirit of the place and not letting something go into the trash, I decided to alter some old children’s books I had been collecting. Prior to leaving I was already obsessed with patterns, overlapping color and a rich palette, and those tendencies just seemed to expand.

I loved these so such, I now teach an altered book class based on this expression at Art Lounge. Check out our website to see when my next class is; I’d love to see you there!

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