Collage Like Newman

Making art and exploring as a group is an important part of my process — since much of my creative time is spent alone in the studio. Even with a lot on my plate, it’s important to grease the creative wheel occassionally. So I headed down to the San Diego Museum of art to attend this fun class. Here’s the process if you want to try it. The Arnold Newman exhibit is spectacular with over 250 photos. If you can, go see it. I will be going again soon!

Class Description: “Create an iconic portrait collage inspired by the famous faces displayed in Arnold Newman: Masterclass. Bring copies of photographs, fabric scraps, or paper ephemera to design your own mixed-media collage. Use Newman’s photographs as a guide to explore different compositional methods and collage techniques. The Second Saturday Workshop Series is an adult program that explores exhibitions and installations at the Museum. Each begins with a tour of the related exhibit, followed by a fine art workshop.”

1. Close your eyes. Think of an object that is dear to you. Observe the color, texture, and details of this object. Create a collage describing it without having a representation of the object. Collage 1.
2. Using a crop, select a section of the collage that expresses a more focused detail.
3. Create a new collage from that. Collage 2.
4. Add a figure. Collage 3.

(The object I describe here is my iPad.)

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