Make it bigger!

Imagine my delight when Roger arrived with this canvas wrap today! He was so excited and I was thrilled. The color (which is better in real life),  looks almost identical to the original. We are going to have these available in teal, a gold/brown and red! The original is about 16 x 12. The fine lines (filigree) which took days to draw are so time consuming to create, that I don’t have much time to do anything else… so I decided, why not create the embellishing digitally (from my original), allowing me more time to be creating new work in the studio. This also allows for really large pieces to be produced. This piece is 48 x 36.  We are going to produce one at 72 inches tall… not sure how we’ll be delivering or shipping, but I am so excited that my file can be printed with no loss of detail or pixilation at that size. Also, we’ll be printing on an iridescent material… WOW! This is going to have such an impact. I can hardly contain myself. It’s good to feel this excited about my work. I spend so much time doubting myself. No need! To quote my friend Blake, “it’s epic!”. Yay!

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