Gelli is how I roll!

Playing with color, new materials and experimenting with friends is the name of the game…

Saturday, I needed a boost… to offset the contraction of the opening of my show “Luminous” (which was a blast, but the aftershock is always a bummer). So I headed to San Diego and met up with Kathy and Lydia at Kathy’s super cool downtown studio (more to come on that soon). We embarked on the journey of printmaking with Gelli plates. None of us had tried this method prior. It was painstaking at first and we weren’t happy with the results. After lunch and great conversation we decided to switch to standard acrylic paints (straight from the tube), and low and behold the fun started.

Kathy and I used Deli paper to print on (shown in samples) and Lydia used a good book making paper. I don’t have samples of their efforts, but love the way the color worked on mine. I am thinking of turning this into a book project… after I experiment some more. Stay tuned.

Gelli Plate Recipe:

12 TBSP Unflavored Gelatine (12 little packets)Dissolve in 3 cups room temp water
Slowly add 3 cups of hot (boiled) water
Line cookie sheet with plastic wrap
Pour liquid into pan, removing any foam first, and popping any bubbles you might see. Set to harden. Once it sets place in fridge until ready to use. Store in fridge when not in use. Plenty of YouTube video online. Have fun. OH, and use acrylic paint instead of printmaking ink. It’s delicate… breaks easily but so much fun!

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