Altering reality!

While in Morocco I did a lot of research… discovering new patterns, colors, textures and any visual inspiration I could find. These discoveries came wrapped in a whole new light as I explored them as an artist. During my stay, spending time with fellow art residents and being introduced to local artisans, artists, designers and crafts people… well let’s …

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Experiment to keep it fresh

According to Pema Chödrön, “To be fully alive, fully human, and completely awake is to be continually thrown out of the nest.” This speaks to me deeply. Learning new techniques, new processes and new materials keeps my creative engine sharp…  constantly thinking up new things to make or how to adapt. I love “LEARNING“. Pictured …

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Art as a spiritual process.

From a very young age, spiritual and intuitive matters have intrigued me and held my interest. I come from a family of “sensitive” women who were always telling fortunes and reading cards. My mom was extremely intuitive, read cards, and always had an uncanny way of “knowing” things.  She passed this “sensitivity” down to me. …

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Hundreds of mini art pieces!

What an exciting day! Business cards arrived. Generally, that wouldn’t make one THIS happy. But today, a box of literally hundreds of mini art pieces arrived. It was like opening a big box of candy. Now, I can’t wait to pass them out.

What a Cut Up!

Just love a long weekend… the Pazzle was cranking. A few weeks ago I’d used paper stencils for some new monotypes I am developing. The thickness of the stock caused the printing paper to wrinkle and this was upsetting, as the originals would need matting… and I generally use “museum mounting” for my art pieces. …

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