Expressive Painting with Jesse Reno

Keep it simple: Start with a large sheet of Bristol board. Basic primary color acrylic paints, no bushes choosing to mix and apply paint with your hands. Paint a ground. (background) Notice if anything is calling for your attention. Grab a section. (outline area) Look at the whole and remove what you don’t like. Paint over sections, add color and keep going… remember to constantly paint out section you don’t like. (good feng shui)

The sample shown was painted over in it’s entirety several times… as seen above.

Jesse says, live your life by applying these principles. Do things one at a time, and wait for the next step to present itself. When the next thing appears, do that and wait to see what’s next. Stay out of your head. Focus on what’s in front of you. No matter how strange the answer is, pay close attention.

I agree, and think he’s on to something. What’s the use of focusing on tight outcomes, when life is so full of twists and turns anyway. Go with the flow. Relax. Have fun. Be surprised by what life has in store for you. Stop trying to control things, and for heavens sake, get out of your head…. move down to your heart!

Try it yourself, you might actually start dancing in the middle of the process!


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