In Light… Learning New Techniques

This past weekend, I had the good fortune of meeting and learning from Helen Hiebert in a 2-day workshop aptly titled, “Illuminating Workshop!” The workshop was filled with all my favorite artist friends from San Diego Book Arts. We learned how to make a flexible paper material lined with copper wire, which was then transformed into a lamp, Kamifusen (or paper balloons) made of delicate tissue paper (my favorite), a paper collage container/lamp shade with natural reeds, and several other structures.

This is was so exciting, because a whole new way of working and using my fabulous handmade ephenera became possible!

Learning new techniques keeps our creative channels open, which helps us find new ways to express creativity and show up in the world! I am so grateful to be a curious person, always hungry to learn new things… It makes life so much more fun and exciting!

Helen Hiebert is the author of five how-to books about paper: Playing With Pop-Ups, Playing With Paper, Paper Making with Plants, The Papermaker’s Companion, and Paper Illuminated. Helen has appeared on Sesame Street, produced two films, and writes a weekly blog about all things paper. She teaches, lectures and exhibits her work internationally, often involving the community in her installation projects, such as her “Mother Tree Project.” Helen is the vice president of the International Association of Hand Papermakers and Paper Artists, and a regular contributor to Hand Paper making newsletter. She lives and works near Vail, Colorado. Check out for more information.

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