One Stitch at a Time!

I’m envious of folks who find their voice and develop their method consistently over the years — becoming better painters, collage artists or very skilled at drawing! My mind flitters! As much as I try to stay on course, I never seem to be able to. I have spent long periods practicing printmaking, mixed media, painting, drawing, and now… stitching.

On the one hand it has made me a creative explorer. I can do many things and depending on the day, I might make a book, embroider some linen, collage in my journal or get out the pen and ink and draw. I am fortunate… I suppose, to have this insatiable curiosity, but there is a down side.

The stuff! I have a lot of stuff. Ready for anything. I wonder what I will do with all the fabric, threads, floss and needles when stitching no longer excites me… have a big craft-supplies sale I suppose. But for now I am happy to deconstruct a used cotton shirt, thrift for embroidery supplies and plan on a-million-and-one new projects.

Stitching one-stitch-at-a-time provides me with a slow life, lots of time to come up with ideas, lots of recouping time from a previously stressful life… and as with everything I do delve into, I want to share my knowledge and tips with others…