It’s a Blizzard!

Fellow SDBA* member Gina Pisello gave a mini workshop on folding. This is the sample I made in her workshop. It’s called a Blizzard fold. It’s quite complicated and even with instructions I am not sure I’ll be able to duplicate it. But it was so fun. And dear, patient Gina is so adept at folding and making books… she is a great teacher. The thing I love the best is how the paper turned out. She had several colorants that I haven’t used before. We sprayed, stamped and inked. I quite like the results. Now I want to make pages colored in this way with ink pads… and stamps. What fun!

Yes… the paper was plain and not a great color to start.

*SDBA San Diego Book Arts, a great organization that I belong to which is dedicated to the book arts. Fabulous workshops and the greatest people.

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