A Year in Review: 2016

Wow… can you believe it’s almost 2017? It feels like just yesterday I was planning my trip to Morocco… and that was already over 7 months ago! This year has been one of great changes—personally, professionally and artistically.

The year started off on one of the highest notes possible—an once-in-a-lifetime 6-week artist residency in Morocco. This trip was so transforming that I am only just now beginning to process and express its profound effect on me. Creating in an environment with artists from all over the world, who specialize in different mediums than myself, was fantastic. I made new friends and visited old ones. Morocco not only affected how I approach my art, but my life too. I started to get better about stepping back from situations that bring undue stress, and am working every day towards finding “the middle way.” Spending an extended period of time in Tetouan reminded me that things don’t have to be so difficult. Simplify and do what makes your soul happy…

Speaking of which, one of the biggest developments of 2016 was the launch of Art Lounge on 101 with my friend Cindy Blumkin. At the end of last year, I wrote that I wanted to teach more—see what happens when you ask the Universe for something! It has been amazing to see this dream manifest. Not only am I getting to teach what I love on a regular basis, but the community of southern California is also getting to learn a wide range of techniques from so many talented artists. I love the idea that we are bringing art and community together; they are two of my favorite things after all!

I also had the opportunity to showcase my work at Hera Hub. This exhibition, which is still on display in Carlsbad, was a major honor and furthered my goal of sharing my work with more people. Additionally, two important pieces will be on view in the San Diego Book Arts Gallery at Francis Parker School (6501 Linda Vista Road, San Diego), November 7-December 14. Be sure to join us for the opening reception on November 10 from 5-7 pm!

Finally, as I look back on the year, I am reminded of the joy-filled week I spent in nature at Camp de Benneville Pines. Art Groove really is art camp for adults—with all the creating, exploring and meeting new people, it’s hard not to make memories.

While it has not been all fun and laughter, 2016 has brought so many opportunities and adventures that I cannot wait to see what happens in 2017! And you can be sure that I will keep you posted…

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