The Making of a VERY Special Book

This past year I was fortunate enough to study with several wonderful teachers that I had only dreamed of learning from. Each meeting has brought such a rich plate of experience. I am fortunate!

One such opportunity was to take two workshops with Seth Apter, a phenomenal artist from New York. One of these workshops, which was entitled “For Your Eyes Only,” is where I created the book you see in the above photographs. It was a detail-oriented class, and very “book arts,” with an interesting binding technique and much hand work.

Each page that you see in the samples above, was created with a tapestry of small bits of paper, each glued down one by one!!! Yikes! I really struggled with the nature of this process. By the end of the first day, I wondered if I’d ever finish this project, and was sure that it certainly wouldn’t be during the workshop.

But surprise, surprise… On day two, came the inspiration, the technique and ultimately the fun! Once the pages were glued together from all those tiny bits, we stamped, drew, collaged and embellished each page. I am thrilled with the results, and I might consider doing it again… only BIGGER!

The saying goes that “God is in the details.” And if that’s the case then this book was part technique, part struggle, part fun and also, partially divinely inspired. Inspired because I had no idea at the start what the subject would be… but then my mom was in my thoughts — a lot… so I created this patchwork book with her in mind. That’s her sitting on her suitcase, leaving for her honeymoon…. many moons ago. Love ya mom, wherever you are, I know you are watching over me.


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