A year of change, letting go, learning and gratitude.

Whoosh! Blursday everyday! Deep contemplation! An introverts dream! Change, upset, gratitude, tears repeat!

Any one of these could be the title of a post about 2020. It’s the only year I can recall, in which everyone anxiously awaits its end. Me, not so much!

It’s been challenging, sad and difficult, as it has for everyone, but personally I am ending this year deeply steeped in gratitude… for a year that has given more than it has taken. I know I am one of the lucky ones… and that is not lost on me.

Given all the free time… I have taken countless art classes and workshops,  foraged for seeds, stitched by hand, improved my intuition skills, become a better cook, healed emotional wounds, meditated more regularly, walked new trails, improved my relationship and best of all “stressed” less.

Although the year started with plans that will never manifest, as well as, things looking dire — having had so much quiet time created a cushion to land, when tragedy, pain and sadness came. Art provided the most constant healing outlet for me. It has provided assurance, that no matter what art was created in quiet, it can soothe hurt and provide answers… and for this I am grateful. I hope that I will be guided to share this knowledge and these gifts with others, in the coming years.

All the best to anyone reading this. May you find joy in art making too.

Working with a Local Craftsman

Layachi has been working with leather since he was a child. He started at around 9-years-old. He was probably fetching pelts and tea at that age, his hands too small to hold the tools, but no matter he is a MASTER craftsman now, and an amazingly nice guy. While in Tetouan, Morocco in February-March 2016 …

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The Healing Garden

Encinitas, California is a magical place. It’s filled with wonderful places that help heal and restore. One such place is The Center for Creative Renewal. This oasis was started by art therapist Ellen Speert, and has been offering artists a quiet place to rejuvenate since 1981. Their mission is to “provide an environment of creativity, stimulation and professionalism, …

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Al Rodriguez: Mark Making Tools

Months ago, I contacted a fellow artist and inquired if he would be willing to give a small workshop on “Mark Making Tools.” He’s always making tools; mostly Book Arts tools, like hand carved bone folders made in bamboo or teflon, or a lovely paper tearing tool. But he also makes Bench Hooks, Hole Punching Cradles and Corner Cutters… …

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Peter Bolland Inspires at Encinitas Library!

The other night, I went to hear Peter Bolland at the Encinitas Branch of the San Diego Public Library. It was a free concert in a beautiful room, overlooking the Pacific Ocean, in what some say is the nicest library in the county. Peter is a wonderful songwriter. His words are inspiring, deep and bring emotions to …

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Finding Your Own Voice

Things take time. As an artist the most important thing, is practice. Actually, practice is probably the most important thing in ANY discipline. If you practice anything regularly it begins to somehow feel effortless. It starts to give energy rather than take it. I recently saw a documentary on Richard Pryor, who is probably one …

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Getting “Grungy” with Seth Apter

The San Diego Book Arts (SDBA) recently welcomed back Seth Apter for two two-day workshops in San Diego. I attended the first workshop, “Cover to Cover,” which was held September 16 & 17, 2015. This workshop was about using mixed-media techniques to create a one-of-a-kind, unconventional artist’s book. Using vintage book covers as the base, and making a series of double-sided “pages” filled edge …

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Is change good?

Depends on how you look at things! As adults we understand that nothing remains the same and that things are always changing. Yet as soon as we get comfortable (complacent, laissez-faire) inevitably something shakes us and slaps us across the face. It’s as if the Universe is saying “WAKE UP things are about to change.” …

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The Little Things

It’s the little things that make one’s life interesting and worth living! Depending on the day, joy comes from different events. Snuggling with my dogs, listening to the rain, walking on a beautiful trail, Gelli printing with friends… or laying in bed watching a movie! Sometimes it’s the little things that others do. A sign …

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You Are Powerful!

If you believe in a Universal Intelligence. If you believe in God. If you believe in possibility. Be reminded of this… anything is possible and you can make it happen! Focus, stay positive and allow yourself to be guided. Then wait for the magic and be ready for the unexpected! You are powerful beyond measure.

Art as a spiritual process.

From a very young age, spiritual and intuitive matters have intrigued me and held my interest. I come from a family of “sensitive” women who were always telling fortunes and reading cards. My mom was extremely intuitive, read cards, and always had an uncanny way of “knowing” things.  She passed this “sensitivity” down to me. …

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Milton Glaser changed the course of my life, and continues to.

The following quote was offered to me by a fellow graphic designer/artist (Janice McDonald) to assist me in cultivating patience when being an “artist” is a struggle for me. “…it is reasonable to imagine that there are many artists living under cover, in a kind of witness protection program, in the realm of design. I’ve …

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Abstract. Landscape. Figurative. Minimal.

Anything is possible… don’t “qualify” yourself. Richard Diebenkorn (1922-1993) was recommended by a printmaking friend, as an artist I should research, because of the breadth of style which he explored and mastered throughout his career. Not one to dismiss his muse, Diebenkorn allowed the process to change course radically, and often. He was a master …

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Thank You

While enjoying my coffee, snuggled in bed with all the dogs this morning, I read an interesting article about hand written “thank you” cards. A good time of year to be reminded of the value of such notes.  Especially notes of thanks. My art coach, Alyson Stanfield, agrees and has emphasized the importance of hand …

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Surrender to what is

The moment you completely accept your non-peace, your non-peace becomes transmuted into peace. Anything you accept fully will take you into peace. This is the miracle of surrender. — Eckhard Tolle Sent from a good, good friend… reminding me to surrender!