Abstract. Landscape. Figurative. Minimal.

Anything is possible… don’t “qualify” yourself.

Richard Diebenkorn (1922-1993) was recommended by a printmaking friend, as an artist I should research, because of the breadth of style which he explored and mastered throughout his career. Not one to dismiss his muse, Diebenkorn allowed the process to change course radically, and often.

He was a master of color and space. And a master with brush on canvas or paper. This was clearly evident at the retrospective of his work in Palm Springs that I was extremely fortunate to see. I was mesmerized by the continuity of color, palette and perspective he could accomplish, while changing course between abstract, landscape, figurative and minimal themes. As he mastered one, he switched to another form. Yet, all his work looks like a Diebenkorn.

He wasn’t a painter I was familiar with, but one I am grateful to have discovered and extremely lucky to have experienced up close. I plan on researching him more deeply, as we share a common birthday. The image is from Abstractions on Paper.


For more information have a look here… artsy.net

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