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Sun, surf, sand and lots of tacos… who wouldn’t want to call San Diego home? For over 20 years, I’ve been fortunate to live in a place where it’s not totally unreasonable to wear shorts and sandals in December (don’t hate me). After growing up in Quebec, Canada and starting my career in New York City, you have no idea how great this change was for me, both personally and artistically. It’s hard not to be constantly inspired by such a beautiful place!

San Diego is made up of several different types of neighborhoods, and although it’s known in particular for beach towns like La Jolla, Del Mar and Encinitas (where I live), these aren’t the only exciting and breath-taking places to explore.

One such place is La Mesa, a darling little “village-like” town with old store fronts, curio shops and good eats. While there, you can stop by Amethyst Moon and pick up some of my cards, then head to Lake Murray for a long leisurely stroll around the lake (pictured above). It’s definitely a hidden gem.

There’s also a great market close by called Windmill Farms that has lots of great specialty foods. Next door is one of the coolest places (K&B Wine Cellars) that I’ve ever seen to buy Liquor, have a drink and enjoy a bite.

Whether you live in or are planning a vacation to San Diego, here are some stores where you can pick up my artwork when you’re in town:
Amethyst Moon (La Mesa)
In Harmony Herbs & Spices (Ocean Beach)
Soulscape (Encinitas)
The Chopra Center (Carlsbad)

Check back in the coming months for more fun spots to explore!

Photos: Lake Murray, San Diego (close to La Mesa)

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