Are you willing to do what it takes?

I took up the piano at 40. I’d always wanted to play and thought, no time like the present! Not having studied the piano or music for that matter my whole life, it was clumsy and difficult. I learned to play a few tunes, although not very well. Being somewhat of a perfectionist, it was disheartening. My best friend asked me a simple question… “Are you willing to do what it takes?

She went on… “Are you willing to practice often enough and hard enough to get as good at playing the piano as you’d like?” The answer was clear. NO! I know if I’d wanted it badly enough, I’d still be practicing today. But I am not. I love the idea… but I didn’t want to put in the time!

There were other things I wanted to experience more. I spent time learning these new things and getting good at some. I learned to let go of perfectionism, in lieu of doing something well, with passion, interest and fun! Today I stopped in the middle of a task that I did not feel passion or desire for, and realized that when it’s completed, I will stop doing more of this and move on.

I wish I could play the piano… just like speaking Italian, or understanding forensic science! Life is too short to know everything, and at my age, getting shorter still. So my lesson today is to do only what brings some kind of pleasure or satisfaction… and that is enough! And, that is pretty great!

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