Mercury goes retrograde three to four times a year for weeks at a time. This last one was a doozie. It causes indecision, doubt and oh so many computer issues—communication of any type, is always tested. For me, this retrograde was internal. It was like an internal battle or argument… all happening in my head.

Mercury may have gone back to normal, but it takes a while for clarity to surface. As it finally surfaces, it’s like air bubbles rising to the surface of the lake. Right now, the fog is starting to lift and clarity is coming into focus. This part is always a surprise and a relief. Detox baths and fresh air are really important at this time. I, as we all do, need to do more self-nurturing during these transitions. We need to take a deep breath and slowly let it out.

This was the recent message in my horoscope (from “You’re called to be in the spotlight, to lead and organize. Perhaps you’re co-chairing a group, calling them to envision a future different than the past. This takes you into a new life-direction, defines you more completely, and highlights previously set goals. You’re ready to accomplish those objectives. The community you’re seeking to create? Very big, round, stable, warm, grows everything and comes with a natural swimming pool.”

Not a small task, it never is, but I’m definitely excited about potential opportunities for mental, interpersonal and professional growth. More to come!

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