Hoarders? Pack-Rats? Collectors?

Bringing this up is going to ruffle some feathers. But are all artists “Hoarders?”

I’m curious! Last weekend while dropping off some art supplies for a big garage sale/bake sale fundraiser for the San Diego Book Arts I experienced something that peaked my curiosity. Several of my friends were gathered… unpacking bags and boxes filled with art papers, books, paints, pastels and a whole bunch of other goodies. I was there to drop stuff off but I found myself rummaging through a big pile of hand-printed paper. Understand, the sale was happening the next day… and I planned on attending the sale, but there I was “hoarding” and calling it shopping!

But I wasn’t the only one. Everyone was working and SHOPPING TOO!

Now I know how much “stuff” I own that I consider “art supplies,” so why was I buying more… Oh and I did go back the next day too… And went to the art supply store twice on the same weekend! SOMEONE STOP ME!!!


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