Creating with others!

I love to take classes… I am curious and love learning, but the greatest joy is actually sitting in a room filled with art supplies and a bunch of creative people. Michael calls them my “peeps.” And I do have to say that whether or not I am compatible with these folks outside the studio matters little to me. In other words, my fellow creators being “friend” material is not of much import to me, because we are having such a profound sharing experience…. and for those few hours we get along, like each other, share in discovery and feel the joy! That is not to say that it is not an added bonus if I find someone I get along well enough to grab a cup of tea with after class…

I have taken classes with teachers whose work I love, but I would never be able to, nor want to, create anything that looks like theirs (I really am opposed to that idea entirely!), and I sometimes take classes with folk whose work I do not particularly connect with, yet LOVE being in their class. I cannot really explain it.

Whatever it is that draws me in, I have a good time and cannot imagine enjoying anything more, for those few precious hours.

Here is how I spent a recent weekend at Art Lounge with the amazing Roxanne Coble.


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