Ganesh Remover of Obstacles…

… busy at work in my studio.

I am not sure why I love layering, overlapping patterns, fluorescent pink & orange, the look of decay, aged torn paper or anything with a patina. I am not sure why I am drawn to anything that looks old, faded or crumbling…

My best friend Tim and I always laugh about it and say if it’s chipped, broken or falling apart we’ll love it and keep it. And we do. (He likes the cracked stuff as much as me). And this love of weathered color shows up in my work all the time. So I am not surprised that although it feels like I am on to something new, this new piece I just finished looks really old (you can tell more when you see it in person).

It got me thinking… I want to make really big painting like this one. I want to make a bunch and then when I am done I want to show them. So I am not sure why Ganesh keeps showing up in my work, but I do know this, obstacles keep moving out of my way and for that I am eternally grateful!


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