A year of change, letting go, learning and gratitude.

Whoosh! Blursday everyday! Deep contemplation! An introverts dream! Change, upset, gratitude, tears repeat!

Any one of these could be the title of a post about 2020. It’s the only year I can recall, in which everyone anxiously awaits its end. Me, not so much!

It’s been challenging, sad and difficult, as it has for everyone, but personally I am ending this year deeply steeped in gratitude… for a year that has given more than it has taken. I know I am one of the lucky ones… and that is not lost on me.

Given all the free time… I have taken countless art classes and workshops,  foraged for seeds, stitched by hand, improved my intuition skills, become a better cook, healed emotional wounds, meditated more regularly, walked new trails, improved my relationship and best of all “stressed” less.

Although the year started with plans that will never manifest, as well as, things looking dire — having had so much quiet time created a cushion to land, when tragedy, pain and sadness came. Art provided the most constant healing outlet for me. It has provided assurance, that no matter what art was created in quiet, it can soothe hurt and provide answers… and for this I am grateful. I hope that I will be guided to share this knowledge and these gifts with others, in the coming years.

All the best to anyone reading this. May you find joy in art making too.

What’s driving you?

Recently I got to take a few art pieces out of storage, some of which I hadn’t seen in awhile. Seeing it now, old work sitting next to newer pieces, I was struck with a few thoughts… 1. My color palette is consistent, no matter what I do. I love color and use it freely. 2. Patterns, overlapping patterns …

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Altering reality!

While in Morocco I did a lot of research… discovering new patterns, colors, textures and any visual inspiration I could find. These discoveries came wrapped in a whole new light as I explored them as an artist. During my stay, spending time with fellow art residents and being introduced to local artisans, artists, designers and crafts people… well let’s …

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Working with a Local Craftsman

Layachi has been working with leather since he was a child. He started at around 9-years-old. He was probably fetching pelts and tea at that age, his hands too small to hold the tools, but no matter he is a MASTER craftsman now, and an amazingly nice guy. While in Tetouan, Morocco in February-March 2016 …

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Intro to Art Journaling Class!

JOIN US!!! Introducing: Creative Exploration through Art Journaling Sunday, April 17, 2016 10AM-2PM This includes a 30-minute break, so please bring a snack/lunch. Plan to arrive 10-25 minutes early, we’ll begin on time Cost: $65, includes some supplies. RSVP by April 10, 2016: artloungeon101@gmail.com use “Art Journaling” as subject line. Art Journaling is a fun, intuitive art making …

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Music for Airports

When I first moved to New York city back in the early 80’s I roomed with a friend who introduced me to Brian Eno’s Brian Eno—Music for Airports. I was instantly hooked. This was way before “ambient” music, when all the sounds were created, no doubt, on some electronic device… and hence labeled “electronic music.” …

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Getting “Grungy” with Seth Apter

The San Diego Book Arts (SDBA) recently welcomed back Seth Apter for two two-day workshops in San Diego. I attended the first workshop, “Cover to Cover,” which was held September 16 & 17, 2015. This workshop was about using mixed-media techniques to create a one-of-a-kind, unconventional artist’s book. Using vintage book covers as the base, and making a series of double-sided “pages” filled edge …

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SDBA Group Show Entry

I am a member of  the San Diego Book Arts (SDBA). The group is made up of about 150 artists who are involved to varying degrees in book arts. I decided to get involved with this particular group because it’s so active… They host so many wonderful workshops lead by brilliant teachers. Most of the workshops are …

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Hoarders? Pack-Rats? Collectors?

Bringing this up is going to ruffle some feathers. But are all artists “Hoarders?” I’m curious! Last weekend while dropping off some art supplies for a big garage sale/bake sale fundraiser for the San Diego Book Arts I experienced something that peaked my curiosity. Several of my friends were gathered… unpacking bags and boxes filled …

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What are Book Arts?

As a member of the San Diego Book Arts this is a question I hear often and the answer is quite broad. Most folks think of book arts as hand made book structures, with front and back covers and interior pages, made much like the books we read or journal in. But book arts is …

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Interest in Pinterest!

I LOVE Pinterest. I have two accounts, and pin almost daily. I was an early adopter. I encouraged my friends to pin. I love it because it doesn’t take up any space in my life yet I have catalogs of amazing, inspiring images, recipes and words of encouragement when I need them. And best of …

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Jesse Reno Rocks

Raw, open and expressive are the qualities that both describe the artist and his art. Intuitive painting, using the most basic essential tools which include red, blue, yellow, black and white acrylic paint, four brushes, four pastel sticks and a pencil, oh and Bristol board.

It’s what’s inside that matters not the materials. Jesse Reno teaches us to see in a new way…

Sign up for his next workshop. Better be quick He’s a rising star.

One Step at a time!

Progress takes time. Whether you are coming up with new ideas or figuring out what comes next—time for quiet and contemplation are required. Over the last several months, I’ve been busy working on new designs and products. This endeavor has been exhausting and revealing, not to mention FUN! But now it’s time to put my energy in …

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Facing Fear with Art Journaling

My goals for the new year always seem to formulate early, so it comes as no surprise that the last few weeks have been filled with thoughts of what needs attention or change in 2015. My goal for this next year is to address the fear that comes with a certain kind of uncertainty. Some …

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Just a little thank you

Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom. – Marcel Proust The other day, we received this thank you note in the mail from a customer. This sweet note made us truly grateful to have customer’s who love the work we create. Thank you …

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It’s a Blizzard!

Fellow SDBA* member Gina Pisello gave a mini workshop on folding. This is the sample I made in her workshop. It’s called a Blizzard fold. It’s quite complicated and even with instructions I am not sure I’ll be able to duplicate it. But it was so fun. And dear, patient Gina is so adept at …

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Experiment to keep it fresh

According to Pema Chödrön, “To be fully alive, fully human, and completely awake is to be continually thrown out of the nest.” This speaks to me deeply. Learning new techniques, new processes and new materials keeps my creative engine sharp…  constantly thinking up new things to make or how to adapt. I love “LEARNING“. Pictured …

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Sunday Blues

Friends complain that I am never available, always busy doing or learning something new. This weekend was no exception. I  spend the whole day Sunday learning “Dyeing Silk Shibori Style with Indigo”, in San Diego with Ruth Eileen Dorn. What can I say… I love learning new tricks. I will photograph my scarfs (and t-shirts) …

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Pure Play

Letting go is the motto of the month. Not just “any” letting go, but specifically letting go of “making mistakes”. It is truly impossible to express oneself through art without the willingness to MAKE MISTAKES!!!! But I caught myself, and on more than one occasion, wanting to lay down a line of ink, or scribble …

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Gelli is how I roll!

Playing with color, new materials and experimenting with friends is the name of the game… Saturday, I needed a boost… to offset the contraction of the opening of my show “Luminous” (which was a blast, but the aftershock is always a bummer). So I headed to San Diego and met up with Kathy and Lydia …

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Mixed Bag Coming Soon

The life of a “visual creative” seems expected to me, having always lived my life this way. We creatives, have certain tendencies which make us comfortable with one another. We feel at home in each other’s living space, generally filled with hand-made things, walls covered in art and bric-a-brac collected from our travels. We love …

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