Morocco on my mind!

I can’t believe it—it’s been four months since I returned from Morocco!

Maybe it’s because recently discussed Morocco with a new friend over dinner (who is on her way there this fall), or maybe it’s the art I’ve been creating (I’m working on a painting of the King of Morocco)… or maybe the long conversation I had with one of my best friends about the two weeks in the 80s when we roamed the country in a little tin-can car… whatever the reason I’m feeling nostalgic.

I’ve not spoken nor written much about my most recent trip. Maybe because it’s so sacred to me. Or perhaps I just don’t want to spoil the memory. But this last trip changed my life. And that I can discuss.

Every time I go to Morocco, I have a life-altering experience. This time, I think the act of saying “yes” to being an artist for 6 weeks un-interrupted (no cooking, cleaning, bills, dogs, responsibilities) was such a big “YES” in my life—that things had to change… how could they not?

That act of saying “Yes” to my inner-artist caused the following:

  • I co-founded Art Lounge on 101—a learning space for creative folks
  • I have many new connections to many new people, mostly artists
  • I have started teaching “regularly”
  • I was asked to show my work in a rotating, three-location, one-year exhibit with another artist
  • I invited one of my fellow artists from the Morocco Residency to come to teach (and she is coming back in January for a second visit)
  • I started a series of Morocco inspired paintings just for the pleasure of creating (I have no intention of selling them!)
  • I was asked to teach at Art Groove
  • I have inspired several people to take up the practice of art journaling
  • I have inspired artists to teach their craft
  • And it goes on…


I’d say the act of saying, “Yes,” has had quite an impact! Loving life, missing Morocco.


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