Exhale. Create space.

Discarding things that have outlived their usefulness shifts the energy and calls in the new. So in honor of the New Year and our New Mantra, “Just Breathe,” we’re doing just that — making space, throwing out, re-organizing, making sense of the chaos and focusing on the important things.

It’ll take the form of recycling, trashing and donating to local thrift shops, possibly saving a few items to sell online — making sure it’s well worth the effort it’ll take to keep and care for it — because this is going to be a very exciting year! Part of the process will include handling any unfinished business, so traveling at a moments notice, or being free to do whatever calls us, will be possible.

The goal is to take it up a notch. Be discerning and clear and free. There’s a bright light at the end of the tunnel. Welcome 2015!

What are you doing to start fresh? Let us know.


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