Gelli Printing Class in San Diego

When I started scheduling Gelli print classes to teach last summer, the classes seemed to fill without even announcing them. My first class practically filled as soon as I mentioned it to one of the San Diego Book Arts members at our first community potluck. Word spread quickly.

For the first class, long time SDBA member Sara Rosenbluth offered her beautiful ocean view art studio, and as if by magic the students appeared. Then the same thing happened for the second group, which was held at SDBA member Joan Crone’s Lark Street studio in Mission Hills. With growing enthusiasm, a third class was announced, which was held this past weekend in the lovely Normal Heights studio of SDBA member Pnina Gold.

Maybe three times really is the charm. Maybe I was more comfortable. Maybe I finally surrendered. I’m not sure what the reason, but the class was so amazing, effortless and beautiful, that I can barely express it in words.

I was in the flow and each participant seemed to be there as well. One student told me she found the process far more meditative than any yoga class she’d been to. See what happens when we actually let go and open ourselves up to simply doing!

Marianne Williamson says we are not the creative, we are the channel. I agree. And my channel was open, as were the the channels of the participants. It was a beautiful experience.

On our exit survey, practically everyone said the same thing, “I didn’t expect the class to go by so quickly.” I know that kind of ease and energy comes from being in the flow… and being there with others is where I want to spend more time.

I feel called to put together a 2-day workshop to facilitate this process of expression and effortlessness for those wanting the experience for themselves. If you’re interested please email me so we can put one together. And don’t worry about whether or not you have experience printmaking, or in art in general, because this class is inspiring for anyone who wants to have fun and stretch themselves.

If you’re interested in the book-arts, consider joining the San Diego Book Arts. It’s such a rich community of artists.

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