I’ve got the bug, and it’s BAD… Being away for 6 weeks this past winter was great! No dishes, no cooking, no car. But rather than satiate me it’s just made me want to get up and go even more. Where to? Now I am thinking about crossing something else off my bucket list…

Driving cross-country has been on my mind for more than 20 years. 20 years!!!! I have friends who have done it… once or twice, but not me. I don’t want to simply drive across the USA, but up to and across Canada! DOESN’T IT SOUND FUN!!!! My furthest destination would be Fogo in Newfoundland. YES, I want to see Icebergs!

So I called my sister and she says our relative Sharon, who lives in St. Johns Newfoundland, would be so happy to see me.

Right now I have people I’d also like to see in:

Albuquerque, Dallas, Tulsa, New Orleans, Point Pleasant (NJ), upstate NY, Portland (ME), Halifax, Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto… if it happens, and pray it does, there would also be a family reunion thrown in and I have not seen my family in an embarrassingly long time!

So I am thinking… I could also bring art supplies and teach… OH MY it is sounding like more fun with every breath!

So if you have any suggestions of FABULOUS places to go or things to do… or friends who would just love to put me up for the night? Maybe someone who wants me to teach Gelli printing or Art Journaling? Please let me know!

Let’s see where the adventure takes us!

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