Morocco Brings Change

2016: Just back from Morocco… and I feel deeply affected by my experiences there. It seems that I go to Morocco to somehow initiate BIG changes in my life. This was my fifth trip and I do already feel changed, sure more is coming. The biggest change is that I am embarking on a new journey with Cindy Blumkin (Art & Soul on 101). We are starting Art Lounge on 101, a creative learning space. This is very exciting and I will post about the space and classes soon.

2001: My last trip to Morocco with my friend Sharon was 15 years ago. We drove through Spain and Portugal and left the continent for a few days to spend in Tangier, Ashila and Chefchaouen. 9/11 happened exactly 2 weeks after I returned home. Life as we knew it changed.

Before returning home, I stopped in New York City to spend a few days at a friend’s place in Manhattan… one block from the World Trade Center. I had met my Manhattan friend in Morocco in the summer of ’83 while I was doing a summer abroad program.

1983: The two month trip in 1983 changed my life. As soon as I returned home, I moved to the USA from Montreal, and established a new life in New York.

1989: I returned to Morocco to spend the summer with friends… that trip also marked a huge change, as my dad had just died two days before my departure. By the following spring… February 1990, I packed up and moved out west to Encinitas, California.

If my past trips to Morocco are any indication, I know I am in the middle of something right now. I can feel a big change happening and although I have no idea what is about to happen, I do know that life as I know it… is about to take a big turn. And I am ready.

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