Paying it Forward!

While at Art Camp last summer, I became friends with Marsha. Everyone LOVES Marsha, so it was easy to fall in love with her and her zest for life. She has been going to Camp De Benneville for many, many years, and is so well acquainted with the forest that she lead nature walks in the morning, which I got to enjoy with her.

Marsha loves to draw, and her sketchbooks are stunning. She is constantly drawing and has developed a few different styles. One is a cartoon style depicting things that she sees in her neighborhood and along the street—colorful, heartfelt drawings that capture the occasion and her spirit. She also has books filled with magnificent drawings of trees, each one more beautiful than the next. I am SO envious of her drawing skills, as were many of the other campers!

Marsha is an incredible human being and I wish that she lived next door, so we could visit often. Unfortunately for me, she lives just far enough to make it inconvenient for daily local walks… and hot cups of tea. So I hope I get to Benneville next year just to see her!

ANYWAY! Last year, Marsha not only fell in love with Gelli printing, but she was also quite smitten with my art journals. On one of the first evenings at camp, artists get up and show what they have been working on throughout the year. This past year, Marsha surprised me by showing an art journal I had inspired her to create. I LOVE IT! Now, I have not taught art journaling at Benneville, and she had never taken a class elsewhere… But that’s Marsha, figured it out on her own. Thank you Marsha, it was such an honor for me.

Now I am thinking that if they ask me back to teach this coming summer I certainly want to teach art journaling… because who doesn’t want to learn how to be more spontaneous and go with the flow!

(Psst… That’s the lovely Marsha in the grey t-shirt)

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