Is change good?

Depends on how you look at things!

As adults we understand that nothing remains the same and that things are always changing. Yet as soon as we get comfortable (complacent, laissez-faire) inevitably something shakes us and slaps us across the face. It’s as if the Universe is saying “WAKE UP things are about to change.” We usually feel shaken, unsteady and even AFRAID!

The opposite is true if you are the change-maker. When you make a choice to change, move, leave or do something new it’s exhilarating, exciting and joyous.

So what are we to do when it seems to be happening “to” us rather than us making it happen? I say first allow yourself to feel the feelings. Cry, get mad, moan and groan… and then get over it! And make a joyous thing out of the change! (After all, the change-maker is having a good time, why shouldn’t you?) Ask the change to guide you so you can find your way, pray and look for inner-guidance… and a little dancing never hurts!

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