Think more Creatively…

Betty Edwards, author of Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, says

“By opening access to the part of your mind that works in a style conducive to creative, intuitive thought, you will learn a fundamental skill of visual arts; how to put down on paper what you see in front of your eyes — second, through learning with the method presented in this (her) book, you will gain the ability to think more creatively in other areas of your life”.

I wouldn’t have thought of that, but can totally understand how this would be possible.

Along with a friend, we are doing all the lessons in Edwards’ book. It promises vast improvement. I look forward to turning my drawing ability into a talent… a knack, and gaining confidence and skill. It feels like an adventure. So here, humbly I am showing you a beginners drawing… my aim is to be able to draw this figure confidently in my own style as it progresses… stay tuned.


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