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  • Our Etsy Shop is OPEN!

    Our Etsy Shop is OPEN!

    It takes a village! And let’s just say, this has certainly been the case when developing my Etsy store. I have wanted a shop of my own since I was knee high to a grasshopper! Every time I would clean out the house and find treasures (of which I have MANY), I’d be chagrined that […]
  • The Little Things

    The Little Things

    It’s the little things that make one’s life interesting and worth living! Depending on the day, joy comes from different events. Snuggling with my dogs, listening to the rain, walking on a beautiful trail, Gelli printing with friends… or laying in bed watching a movie! Sometimes it’s the little things that others do. A sign […]
  • Discover La Mesa

    Discover La Mesa

    Sun, surf, sand and lots of tacos… who wouldn’t want to call San Diego home? For over 20 years, I’ve been fortunate to live in a place where it’s not totally unreasonable to wear shorts and sandals in December (don’t hate me). After growing up in Quebec, Canada and starting my career in New York […]
  • Longing for Connection

    Longing for Connection

    I’ve moved around and traveled a bunch, so I have friends, family and connections in many places. I miss these folks! These relationships are filled with memories, rich histories and lots of laughs… I love the variety of gifts each relationship offers. Since everyone is scattered, staying in touch is important (and sometimes difficult). The […]
  • In Harmony Herbs—An Oasis

    In Harmony Herbs—An Oasis

    A new car equals a new adventure… So this past Sunday, my partner Michael and I set off to check out his new ride. With our busy schedules we couldn’t go very far, so we headed down the coast to Ocean Beach. “OB” is San Diego’s equivalent to Venice Beach in Los Angeles. Time seems to […]
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