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I am a member of  the San Diego Book Arts (SDBA). The group is made up of about 150 artists who are involved to varying degrees in book arts. I decided to get involved with this particular group because it’s so active… They host so many wonderful workshops lead by brilliant teachers. Most of the workshops are book-related, but I have also learned things like how to use my Dremel tool and how to print on cheesecloth. This year there is even a special “group” project!

The CAP (Collaborative Arts Project) is a joint project with 4o artists and their interpretation of an assortment of Haikus by Diane Gage. There will be an exhibit to showcase all the individual pages, which measure 19.75 X 15 inches, and at least one book containing all the artwork, printed at half size. The show is still in the planning stages and is expected to take place in early 2016.

My entry (pictured) is my depiction of the following Haiku:

this full moon button
amplifies the night, reverbs
the shadows’ voices


“The shadows’ voices” is the pivotal line of this Haiku; it’s what really grabbed me. The “shadows” signify all the underground or subconscious dialog and richness each of us has buried deep within. Once discovered and expressed, these voices usually contain our brightest light and is the key to our most authentic self. For me, this “voice” generally speaks through dreams, when I am still and the moon’s energy “amplifies the night.” To paint this piece, I used an intuitive process, not knowing where it would lead or what would be expressed. The figure, is coming out of the darkness, into the light, just as we discover light from the expressed voices of our shadows.

Mediums used: Mixed Media Illustration & Collage. Acrylic paint, matte medium, gel pens, glitter paint, napkins, Gelli prints, printed paper scraps, Caran d’Ache neocolor, pastel, sand paper.

I’ll be sure to post more about the details of the show as they get finalized! I can’t wait to see everyone’s unique interpretations of such eloquent and thought-provoking Haikus.

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