Happy Rainbow Ganesh!

Big delivery on the way to The Chopra Center in Carlsbad this week! New, in the batch of goodies, is a fun piece created for the teachers who will be training there this month. 8 Limbs of Yoga is part of their curriculum. I wanted to add a little levity and energy and came up …

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Ganesh or Ganesha.

I prayed to Ganesha, and believe the prayer was answered. Known for being the remover of obstacles, I set my sight on crisp images. Here’s one. Greeting cards, perhaps! Part of a series I am planning for the holiday fair! Giclée anyone?  

Going Manual is a Choice!

I took an amazing photography class with an wonderful teacher — Rod Deutschmann. Photography is one of my interests. I integrate it in my work and I love documenting things of interest. I am given to using the manual settings on my SLR, but sometimes frustration takes over and I find myself reverting to the …

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I have stepped into a new time-space continuum. There is no beginning, middle or end, simply noticing all that is present. If anything appeals to my senses or calls me, gets me to notice, then I allow myself to take note, take photos, draw sketches… anything that will file for later use. I am learning …

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The sculptures speak to me. I narrow in on the details and transform what I see into a new view. These elaborate details will soon be covered in delicate lines. Transformation.