Art is Collaboration

We often make art an individual experience, but over the years, I have found that my best work comes out of collaboration. Working with other artists stretches you to try new things and allows you to see your work from the perspective of others. It also gives individuals the opportunity to blend their abilities with the insight of others. Collaboration doesn’t make artists change themselves or their vision, but helps develop it further. Being in an environment where so many different artists are creating work that is part of their soul is truly transformative.

This month I will be hosting my third gelli print workshop in Normal Heights, CA. This workshop is a fantastic opportunity to learn or improve skills, as well as collaborate with other artists. Spaces for this class are filled, but there will be more opportunities to collaborate in the new year, so be sure to check back here for more details in the coming weeks.

How has collaborating helped you in the past (whether artistically or personally)?

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