Field Trips & Creative Inspiration

Many activities go into feeding the creative idea pool.

One of my favorite ways of doing this is taking little field trips to recharge the juices, introduce new ideas, discover hidden parts of the city and take the time to absorb the odd things one can come across during these outings. Couple this idea with spending time with a good friend and voila… it’s like taking a mini vacation, close to home without the hassle of airport security.

So on that note, my new friend Deanna and I decided to head down to Kearny Mesa (half way between home and San Diego) last weekend to check out the Japanese markets and chow on some delicious treats.

We were searching for art supplies, but found so much more! Besides an assortment of pens, cool office supplies and great dispenser bottles, we managed to stop for groceries. We discovered so many delicious goodies at Ranch 99, like Sriracha Mayonnaise; fresh, cheap greens; and an incredible Gluten and dairy free Cassava dessert… YUM! FYI the Sriracha Mayo is fantastic on French Fries and just the right amount of spicy.

This trip was just what I needed to feel creatively rejuvenated!

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