What a Cut Up!

Just love a long weekend… the Pazzle was cranking.
A few weeks ago I’d used paper stencils for some new monotypes I am developing. The thickness of the stock caused the printing paper to wrinkle and this was upsetting, as the originals would need matting… and I generally use “museum mounting” for my art pieces.

I was very happy to discover that Architectural Vellum is still available and comes in very large sheet sizes. This material is thin, water proof and easy for the Pazzle to cut… it’s costly, but when I think of the usage I will get out of each stencil, how easy they are to clean and how customizable they are… I got out my Pazzle Inspiration Cutter!

See the results in the photo.

I wanted to acknowledge Katie Sprenkle Katz for her genius and foresight… as she was the one who introduced me to this amazing little tool! Not only did she discover it, but she got it all hooked up and showed me how to use it… I am still delighted at what it can do and how many uses I have for it! They also now sell an industrial one… maybe one day I’ll get than one and sell the templates too!

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