Your Story Through Stitch

Your Story Through Stitch with Nancy Walter
The Stitch as Self Portrait: A Contemplative Approach to Needle and Thread

1 Day Workshop: Friday, June 3, 2022
9:00 am-4:00 pm
Cost: $125.
Please pack a lunch so we can hang out!

Location: In the slowfiber classroom. 517A Hartnell St. Monterey, CA 93940-2829

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Join in for a full day of meandering-stitches with me. Bring your linen garment or fabric and scraps, bits and pieces, precious snippets, a poem or words of wisdom. Inspired by your personal story and collected materials, I will guide you through her improvised process of allowing the story to guide you.

This free-spirited practice focuses on listening to the inner voice while silently observing and letting the materials do the work for you.

I believe we are a curation of where we’ve been, what we’ve experienced and what we’ve accomplished. This curation is our personal story, a rich tapestry unique to each one of us, and these stories are not only important to remember but also are worth telling.

As we move forward in life, allowing time to review our history can help us share and connect with others, develop our self-awareness, heal past trauma and move forward with more freedom, or simply allow the joy of the past wash over us when we need it most. Sometimes remembering prompts us to notice how intricate, nuanced and interesting we are… a view we generally admire in others but perhaps not ourselves.

Whether you choose to express your tale in a realistic or abstract manner is up to you.

The subject can be about something that changed you, influenced you, inspired you, or affected you in some way. Possibly it was about a time in your life, or about someone you loved, or a trip you took. Maybe it’s a story about your rose garden, cooking, or your dog. It can be an ode, a celebration, a remembrance… the subject simply needs to be personal and meaningful.

Before class you’ll be asked to find something you’d like to embellish/embroider/appliqué.


  • You must be able to thread and knot a needle repeatedly
  • Do a running stitch and back stitch.
  • Please be at least 16 years old to participate.
  • Patience, a kind heart free from judgement (self and others)

*I will have examples on hand and demo how to use.