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Is it August yet?

I’m like a kid anticipating the final bell on the last day of classes; I can’t wait for it to be summer! It’s not because of the longer days and warmer weather (although those do sound nice), but because I’m going to Art Camp at Camp de Benneville Pines for a whole week.

Art Groove Adult Art Camp is being held August 21-27, 2015 in Angelus Oaks, CA (the campsite is located in San Bernardino National Forest).

At the beginning of the week “campers” select what medium they want to focus on, and each morning they attend a class held by an expert in that field. The choices include printmaking, painting, photography, life drawing and sculpture. After class and lunch, there are afternoon workshops, evening speakers, art films and sharing.

Check out my blog from last month to read more about the workshop I’ll be teaching!

If all of this sounds like fun to you, you can register online or by calling (909) 794-1252. Camp costs $945 ($995 after May 31) and includes instruction, workshops, food, lodging and standard activities. (P.S. I hear the food’s great, and that they even have vegan choices on the menu!)

If you would like more information, feel free to contact me personally and I’d be happy to send you a brochure.

I’m ready to get my art groove on, are you?


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